Credit Card Processing for Hair
and Beauty Salons

Run a hair and beauty salon? Save $400+ a month in payment processing with OnSpot

As a hair and beauty salon, you’re not just in the business of cutting hair or applying makeup. You’re there to give clients a beautiful experience. 

When it comes to payments, OnSpot’s merchant services can help you serve your clients better while lowering your expenses at the same time.

How do we do it? = Zero Cost Processing = Free Credit Card Processing = No Fee Merchant Services

As business owners migrate into the digital era where credit and debit cards are becoming the major source of payment, the high price of credit card processing fees is now unavoidable.


As cash-paying customers dwindle, many merchant service providers have attempted to reduce the credit card transaction expense by offering:

  • Cost-effective merchant accounts with reduced merchant processing rates
  • A flat percentage
  • A flat monthly fee

But now any business can completely eliminate payment processing fees with Similar but technically different to a surcharge program, this strategy allows businesses to eliminate the expense of merchant transaction fees when customers are making purchases with credit cards. Our FREE credit card processing terminals will automatically calculate the cost of the transaction and pass the transaction fee along to the customer.

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What Are the Benefits of a Surcharge Program? processing is similar to a credit card surcharge program in that both programs charge the merchant fee to a cardholder when they use a credit card as payment. A version of the surcharging program or the cash discount program is compliant in 50 states. Business owners can enroll in a cash discount program or a surcharge program which will decrease or totally eliminate fees for credit or debit card purchases every time a customer pays using a card.

More Control Over Processing Fees

With these programs, credit card processing costs are eliminated and therefore help businesses increase net income every time a merchant accepts purchases from customers paying with credit or debit cards. In the past, when setting up a merchant account processing fees could only be lowered by the following strategies: reducing the amount of fraud risk, using an address verification service, and negotiating rates with credit card processors. Instead, now a business can use a cash discount program or surcharging to eliminate the merchant service fee of every credit card purchase with compliant methods that generate little to no credit card processing costs. Instead of card processing fees being entirely uncontrolled and defined by credit card companies, finally, you can manage these monthly fees through a surcharge or cash discount program.

No More Annual Rate Increases

Cash discount programs have consistent rates and aren’t created to take advantage of you. The cash discount program will be applied to reduce the flat fee or percentage of credit card processors to zero. These rates won’t have volatility or change year by year. You can then give customers the option to pay in cash or card, where they receive a discount for cash purchases.

Cash Discount Program Pricing Models

Our team will utilize this surcharge program to lessen the cost of every credit card transaction from customers who don’t carry cash. We work with you to identify your needs and create a merchant account based on the type of discount program that works for you. This way, you receive a cash discount program that makes sense for your company.

No Hidden Fees

The cash discount program we offer you will have minimal merchant service fees. The cash discount program comes with no hidden fees or overhead costs, as this defeats the purpose. The program is provided with efficient and transparent solutions.

More Competition

Instead of being stripped to the bone by expensive credit card processing fees every month, you can increase your revenue with the help of cash discounts. You can reward customers for paying in cash by offering them a discount through this program. This way, even if you are a small business owner, you can focus on being more successful and compete with large companies with more affordable prices.

Cost-Efficient Credit Card Processing for Salons

For hair and beauty salons, we recommend our Cash Discount plan

$ 0 /month

Cash Discount Plan

Process over $125,000/year

Starting 2.69%

Traditional Plan

Process over $250,000/year


Recommended hardware and equipment for hair and beauty salons.

Smart Terminals

Clover Flex

POS Solutions

Clover Mini LTE

POS Solutions

Clover Station

Standard Terminals

First Data FD150

Smart Terminals

Poynt Smart Terminal

Standard Terminals

SwipeSimple Terminal

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